Qualities To Look For In A Sage 50 Hosting Service

sage logoRunning a business of any size requires a lot of knowledge, time, and dedication. Many times, businesses will look for more efficient ways of doing things to optimize their service and gain revenue. Finances are an essential part of a functioning business. Without bookkeeping of some kinda, business is bound to fail with time. Finances must be kept in order in ensuring that creditors are getting paid, the company is making a profit, and success can be gained in the future. There are several reasons why a business may consider using Sage 50 hosting for their accounting needs

A majority of businesses have begun to optimize their accounting procedures by using the Sage 50 program. Accounting requires serious time and focus on assuring that everything is input correctly. The numbers associated with the functions of a business must be correctly calculated to ensure the safety of the company, as well as their ethical honesty. Sage 50 hosting is offered by many online services that provide users with the information they need to use the program effectively. There are certain qualities you should look for when selecting a hosting service.

Perhaps the most important quality to look for is the amount of uptime a hosting service has. Uptime is a number that describes how able a host is to keep their servers running smoothly. Poor uptime means you may constantly lose access to your service and have multiple technical difficulties. These kinds of problems can be detrimental when you are dealing with numbers and important financial documents. Many hosting services will post the amount of uptime on their website, but if they don’t, you can always ask for the number. It is important to know whether or not the host will be a reliable partner for you as you use Sage 50.

A reliable Sage 50 hosting service will provide exceptional customer service to all of their customers. It is essential that a hosting provider has employees who can answer questions about technical malfunctions, as well as any questions that consumers may have regarding their accounts. Many businesses that are using the program for the first time will have a lot of questions about how to set up their account and how to access their account. Others may have questions about how to create, save, and store financial documents and how to complete adjustments to financial statements. Every customer service representative should be educated and prepared to answer any questions that come their way dealing with the technical functions of the service.

Hosting companies should have plenty of space for all of your accounting needs. Financial documents can be quite lengthy, and it is important to have a place to store them where they can all be together. Sage 50 provides quite a few options to create several different kinds of financial documents. An efficient hosting company will make sure they have adequate space and bandwidth available to accommodate everything you need to be stored for your business bookkeeping purposes.

Some hosting services only allow a certain amount of domain names to be created. When you are looking for a Sage 50 hosting service, look for a company who will offer you the option of creating several domain names. As your business grows, more people may need admittance to the financial statements of the company. Having the security that you can create more than one domain name can save you quite a bit of a headache in the future. Also, domain names should be personalized to set your business apart from other users. Hosting services can assist you in setting up a secure domain name.

Begin searching for Sage 50 hosting companies today and find one that offers exceptional service to optimize your usage of the accounting program. You have already begun to complete financial record keeping more efficiently with the Sage 50 program; now you can receive extraordinary technical support with a reliable hosting company. Choosing to use an accounting program can save your business precious time and money. You can increase the efficiency of accounting record keeping by beginning to use such a product. Sage 50 hosting can positively change the way your business handles accounting transactions forever. Watch as your business becomes more efficient today when you begin to use Sage 50.

Why Opt For QuickBooks Hosting?

When running Inuit’s QuickBooks accounting software, one of the biggest concerns is that the computer might crash and/or the system might fail. However, you can rid yourself of these concerns if you sign up for QuickBooks hosting or visit a good resource at this LinkedIn page. Along with being compatible, extensive, highly flexible and intuitive, this hosting will provide you round the clock access from virtually anywhere.

All your QuickBooks company files will become available for practically any place around the globe and virtually any time. Whether you are traveling or are at home, you will be able to get connected to QuickBooks on the cloud. Moreover, you will be able to access the data and files from a wide range of devices.

The secure end-to-end encryption that you will receive through this hosting will ensure that your date remains absolutely protected. You will also be insusceptible to technically issues thanks to 24/7 hosting support. Like any other client, you obviously have your own individual hosting needs. So rest assured, you will receive most convenient hosting for QuickBooks account, which will be accessible, affordable, authentic, mobile, and secure.

Why You Need QuickBooks Hosting?

This form of hosting will prove to beneficial for you if:

  • You are an entrepreneur who has started a new business and you do not have sufficient resources to set up and manage hardware and software.
    Your company’s or enterprise’s employees have multiple logins because they work remotely from all over the globe.
  • Your organization is growing, forcing you to constantly shift sites because you do not have adequate space for your working areas to set up huge servers.
  • You are an accountant, bookkeeper or CPA and you do not have the necessary knowledge to handle IT infrastructure problems and software installation.
    You are a bookkeeper or CPA and you are in search of easy-to-access and -manage cloud solutions through web-enable devices from anywhere at any time.
  • You are a bookkeeper or CPA and you want to be able to collaborate with users in real time so that up-to-date financial information can be shared with them easily.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Hosted QuickBooks Accounting Software?

Anywhere & Anytime Access: Even if you are on-the-go, your QuickBooks will be accessible on the cloud. An impressively high uptime of servers will mean that your QuickBooks will also be accessible at any time so the collaboration will be boosted.

Data Backup & Data Transfer: Your data will be protected with automated and continuous backup recovery solution so you will be able to access your data even if you accidentally delete a file(s) or if a disaster occurs. You will not have to worry about your distributed data.

Greater Security: The highest security standards, such as fully-clustered multi-tier structure, 128-bit data encryption and 24/7 network monitoring, will be used to ensure the security of your data on the cloud. Data centers that are used tend to be highly secure and state-of-the-art.

Minimized IT Costs & Hassle: You will not have to keep an eye on your version of QuickBooks since it will be automatically updated and upgraded. In addition, you will even be able to access archived backups, so you will not have to fret if you end up deleting or misplacing a file. Of course, this also means that your IT infrastructure and network cost will also be reduced, and you may even pay as you go for the service.

Multi-User Access: Multiple users will be able to access the same QuickBooks data and files of your company simultaneously.

Scalability: By using hosted QuickBooks, you will be able to opt for as deployments as you want and need. As a result of scalable plans and solutions, you will be able to select the appropriate and relevant size the hosted server that will suit your add-on requirements.


Ultimately, the foundation of a business operation depends on and relies on strong support. With professional and quality QuickBooks hosting, you will receive round the clock customer and technical support through email, live chat, and telephone, while timely responses will be delivered. Above all, your additional responsibilities will be reduced with hosted QuickBooks.

Technicians possessing years of experience hosting applications like QuickBooks will assist you in everything from setup to technical support. When you decide to use hosted QuickBooks, your hosting costs will also be reduced. Last but not least, you will be free of concerns and hassles of losing your QuickBooks data and files.

See It In Action Below

SMB Cloud Computing by Cloud9

http://www.cloud9realtime.com | Building Custom Cloud Solutions since year 2000, Cloud9 has inspired a “True Cloud” experience for businesses, practices and agencies to have a cloud-hosted integrated platform of desktop applications and IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) products, available online anytime, anywhere.

IaaS Cloud technology no longer poses a barrier in our business and professional lives. Cloud9 Real Time, a leader in the provisioning of cloud computing solutions for forward-thinking SMBs has a mission: that of transforming the way businesses and professional practices actually work.

Cloud9 is also an industry leader for delivering QuickBooks and Sage software hosting, law office cloud hosting, cloud solutions for Construction, Manufacturing, Franchise Systems, Insurance companies, Nonprofit 501c’s and more.

SAGE ET – Team-dignitas vs Anexis – GRAND FINAL

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InsynQ Application Hosting

Authorized by Sage, Intuit and other leading developers, InsynQ-CPAASP has more experience and deploys more applications than any other hosting provider. Cloud computing saves time, money and allows accountants to work seamlessly with bookkeepers and client businesses.

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Swizznet & Sage Partnership

Swizznet Sage hosting takes the power of your Sage ERP or Sage CRE software to the next level by giving you anytime, anywhere access from any computer or mobile device.

In this videa you’ll get a quick overview of the Swizznet and Sage hosting partnership from the Swizznet CEO, Michael Callan and Sage Director of Partner Sales for Sage North America, Kennith Oplinger.

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Aktion’s Cloud & Hosting Services for Sage Users

Aktion’s Cloud delivers scalability, an open and flexible platform, and powerful capabilities to provide everything you need to host your Sage application, including a skilled team of support professionals who are experts in supporting Sage 100, 300, Estimating and all third party applications.

Webinar presented by Steve Rogers on September 22, 2015.

How Sage is Using Rackspace Hybrid Hosting to Deliver SaaS Solutions | Rackspace UK

Lorcan Malone from Sage CRM talks about how they are leveraging Hybrid Hosting from Rackspace UK to delivery their SaaS solutions. This video is from our Enterprise Summer Sizzler #racksizzler event.

Find out more about our Hybrid Hosting http://www.rackspace.co.uk/managed-hosting/hosting-solutions/hybrid-hosting/

Read the case study here http://www.rackspace.co.uk/clients/sage-crm/

Cloud 50 – Hosted Sage 50 Accounts : Email Configuration

In this video we look at configuring the email function within Sage 50 Accounts to send email directly from the Cloud hosting.

You will need to know a few details about your email server before you can complete this configuration.

Email Address : The email address you want to send messages from and as.

Display Name : The name that you want to appear on your email, typically a friendly name, such as ‘My Business : Accounts’ for example.

Mail Server : The outgoing mail server for your email domain, for example for Gmail it will be smtp.gmail.com

Port : Typically 25, 465 or 587 depending on your provider.

Authentication : If authentication is required which it typically is you will need to provide the email address and correct password for that email address.

When you choose to apply the email settings, choose all of the options to apply the change across the entire company file. The application of these settings takes some time to complete, typically 5 to 10 minutes, this video has been shortened.

It is recommended that you watch this video in Full Screen mode.


Hosting Demo Reel 2016 | Jesse Sage

My demo reel showcasing some of my Hosting jobs for various productions.
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